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The Poison We Drink

The Poison We Drink

Available: December 13, 2016

• Page Count: 264

ISBN: 978-1682949108

Twenty-four-year-old hairdresser Torie Sullivan has given up on life. When her boyfriend betrays her, she careens her car into a ditch in a drunken fury.

After paramedic Adam Benedict rescues Torie from her mangled car, he learns she’s the middle school bully who brutalized him. A week later, he discovers she lives in a lean-to in Hookskill Nature Preserve. Despite his hatred, his innate compassion won’t allow him to leave Torie in the wilds. He offers her a room in his miniscule cabin.

After Torie’s first night at Adam’s, tragedy strikes his life, and he can no longer house her. His girlfriend, Maya Vitale takes Torie in. Though first-grade teacher Maya’s past isn’t as sinister as Torie’s, she, too, hides a shameful secret.

The lives of three disparate friends collide and reveal the toxic pasts that threaten to poison their lives. Only by forgiving the unpardonable can they be set free.

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  • This story. Real Life. The Word. Very good read. MS Carol paints the picture with words, and that is not an easy task. She is very talented and writes in a way that leads the reader to want more. Looking forward to the next one by her!!!Amazon ReviewerE. Ruby
  • This book delivers in true Carol McClain fashion .... poignant message wrapped in entertainment, truth, knowledge, and sprinkled with humor. Amazon ReviewerLinda Wood Rondeau

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