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DWF: Divorced White Female

DWF: Divorced White Female

Available: November 28, 2014

• Page Count: 216

ISBN: 978-1612526638

Sassy, unsaved and desperate, Cheryl Chandler realizes one thing will redeem her from her ex-husband’s betrayal. A man. Any man—so long as he’s hot.

Finding love in rural New York proves a daunting challenge. Should she find her man, he must meet her quirky teens whose eccentricities range from New Age ideology, to OCD, to religious fanaticism. And a toddler—her husband’s parting gift. What man would love her and accept them?

Her kids have the solution—online dating.

Here she meets two men. Religious fanatic, Tarrant, charms her, but is too pious.

And mysterious Carleton who’s everything her desperation desires. However, nothing is as it seems.

Can she sacrifice her family for love?

  • The author allows us to see joy in the midst of pain and difficulty.Amazon ReviewerVirginia J. Foster

An Excerpt from DWF: Divorced White Female